Gear Grind

Lately, I’ve laid off Sims 4 in favor of playing Diablo 3 with Fluffy. These weekend level and gear grinds remind me of how we used to do this 9 years ago with Diablo 2, back before Spawn. We’ve had some really good runs lately, and it’s good to be able to bring up new characters when you get bored with your high-level folks. But…grinding for perfect gear is a chore not long left untended. So, I switch back to my monk, start working on finding the one fist weapon I need to max my DPS on the weapons end, and a little gem falls into my lap…or inventory, as it were. I got the season 4 special loot: Henri’s Perquisition, an adorable kitten mojo for my witch doctor!

Henri's Per

Look! When it drops, it’s curled up asleep!

I can’t use it because I don’t have a decent one-hander to go with it, but I am having the best time moving it around my inventory. Every time I do, it mews. Sooooo cute!! Big thanks to the devs for that!