What A Surprise

For the last two months, things have been a little…weird with the publisher of my Camellia books, and now I know why. The former CEO sold the company. The messages we are getting from the new owners are very encouraging, and it looks like Eternal Press and Damnation Books will now be imprints of a larger publishing company that will provide a much wider range of genres, including erotic adult color books (meow). They even plan to make an imprint for YA, which will be good for FAIREST. They plan to increase the marketing budget, so sales should be a boost. That will make everyone happy, and the new owners hope that, by changing the name and breathing some good will into the current authors, they can change the current feelings that authors have about Damnation/Eternal Press.

You see, if you Google either of those companies, you will find as many blurbs from authors who have copyright issues as you will promo announcements. I can’t speak to this, as none of my contracts have run out yet. I can say that the former CEO treated me and my projects with utmost respect and attention. She was always very kind, helpful, and patient with me, and I wish her the very best in whatever she goes on to do. I believe this is not the case with every author who writes for those companies, but again, my experience has been very positive.

Sometimes, you inherit problems from your predecessor that never go away. Maybe you end up being part of the problem or your life gets too out of control to properly do your job. This is when you bow out, which is what the CEO did. Still, it was a shock. None of the authors knew this was coming until it was here. For the sake of my books, my contracted but as yet unpublished books, and all the other authors, I hope the new owners stay true to their promises. For a change of pace, I will try to be optimistic about it.